The deployable package that collects everything toward its center.

Product Description 2015

Technology has changed the way you do your business, allowing you to innovate and grow faster. But changing how you work and where you work changes the visibility and the threats you face.You need to focus on the critical network flows.

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Forensic Acquisition Toolkit

  • Intuitive touch panel allows for the switching of .ISOs on the fly. High compatibility.
  • Integrated encryption, virtual optical drive (ISO). Really useful to avoid carrying a ton of CD/DVDs during investigations.
  • Booting with the ISO image will help you to collect evidences and copy them to the same disk without touching the victim's machine.

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Cyber Security Services

Our experts can leverage their experience & expertise to help you improve your cyber security maturity. We can help you prepare for, detect and respond to cyber security incidents by delivering security assessments, improving your security monitoring capability and performing digital forensics investigations.

We provide also trainings in the following areas:

> ISO 27005 Risk Manager

> Network Forensic